Why SEO Optimised Content is the New Currency of Communications

Did you know Google handles a staggering 3.5 billion searches every day, Facebook has 1.6 billion daily active users, and Tiktok has been downloaded over 2 billion times??

By using this footprint left from our consumers, we are able to craft content that matters. We can predict what our audiences want and have a tangible impact on the world at large. SEO content is now well and truly at the heart of our day-to-day communications. And if you aren't already embracing it, you'll soon find yourself abandoned in the dust of online irrelevance.

The Internet: At the Core of Our Lives

The world wide web has been a part of our daily lives for decades now, and there are people who have never known life without the convenience of Google, social media or online shopping. It’s a part of our lives on a fundamental level and affects our interactions with everything, yes, everything: the route your Uber driver is going to take, suggestions you have on Netflix, the price of your airline ticket, even the end of TV series like Game of Thrones.

You know as well as I do that the internet is more than just a way to get answers. Nowadays, it’s a vast, interconnected hub for opinions, ideas, productivity, entertainment and more. As that hub grows with billions (trillions?) of individual nuggets of information each year, search engines like Google work tirelessly to highlight the best and most relevant of the bunch. That’s what SEO is for. It ensures that your content rises to the surface, answers what consumers want to know and gives you a competitive advantage.

Big Ideas. Serious Change

The internet is key to everybody’s interactions with the wider world. Therefore, SEO content, (being the primary offering of search engines) is the driving force behind those interactions. Put simply, SEO content—at least good SEO content—is now the material that is absorbed and permanently retained within the public consciousness.

Indeed, that’s how Coca-Cola learned how to successfully rank content as part of the suggested videos list on YouTube once you watched Super Bowl related content. SEO increased discoverability of owned content while delivering incremental engagements with no additional media investment needed. (Case Study here)


SEO optimized content SEO content is fuelling real-world discussions, fostering big ideas and inciting tangible change before our eyes. That’s why it’s crucial that your SEO content is ‘good’ and integrated into your social ecosystem. It needs to resonate with people and reflect their real-world needs more than ever before.

‘Good’ SEO Ecosystem

So, what makes good, relevant SEO content? Choose keywords that matter. Do you know what consumers are searching for on google? That’s your opportunity! Answer those questions before the competition, engage first and as often as possible. When it comes to retaining and converting real people, however, keywords aren’t going to cut it. You need to provide valuable content, material that will inspire fresh ideas and spark conversation. On top of that, you need to provide a platform to foster that conversation; yes, that means social media—it's an absolute must. Earned and Owned media need to connect. After all, with smartphones, the constant ‘back and forth’ communication style defines social media and follows people wherever they go. Making it vital to tap into those conversations with relevant content.

Make sure you’re on top of your SEO game

SEO is the most fundamental of digital channels. In the competitive world of content marketing, search, and social media optimization, it’s essential for brands of all sizes and industries to understand their online ecosystem in order to gain advantage and develop a competitive strategy.

Managers need to understand that online competition isn’t just made up of social accounts competing for likes and shares, but also information and content published from a variety of sources that compete for search engine and consumer’s attention.

When crafting your next story, planning a product launch or producing VOD content, think about how it will answer questions that your audience has been asking to the wider world. Be consumer-centric. Are your marketing and communications optimized for specific audiences and outcomes? Will it inspire them to act or invite passionate discussion? If not, let’s talk about how it could.


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