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Our proprietary ABC method is expressly crafted to optimize brand and content partnerships, enhancing campaign reach, trust, awareness, and overall returns. This algorithm integrates Audience, Brand, and Content elements to identify the ideal partner and maximizes marketing success.

Audience: It starts by delving into your audience's emotional needs. Then, we tailor messaging based on those needs in order to foster connections and maximize reach.

Brand: We uncover what consumers think and feel about your brand. Our tool assesses how campaigns and marketing efforts impact your brand perception. Then we leverage these insights to highlight brand partnerships that align with your brand values.

Content: We ensure that your content also aligns with the emotional needs of your partner’s consumers and then utilize proprietary data to generate powerful storytelling.

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Bravi Brains is an internationally recognised data innovation consultancy, with a distinct focus on the enhancement and application of data-informed strategies. Our expertise spans a range of fields including brand strategy, media amplification measurement, real-time analytics, insight platform management and the creation of tailor-made brand partnership solutions. We collaborate with brands across the globe, leveraging the power of data to inform their strategies and drive their growth.

Investing years in deciphering emotional connections, we simplify the process for brands, translating complex data into creative insights that foster profound engagement. This not only cultivates loyalty and advocacy but also allows brands to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Moreover, we equip our clients with the tools to measure the return on investment (ROI) for every campaign and output, demonstrating the real-world value of our data-driven approach.

At Bravi Brains, we don't just deliver a service; we build partnerships, walking alongside our clients on their journey of growth, consistently redefining the role of data in branding and marketing.

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In our completely connected world, we often assume that others understand our feelings and emotions. Some do but most do not. In the world of marketing, correctly tapping into consumers' feelings can be the difference between a best selling product or brand and a difficult conversation in the boardroom. We make sure our clients feel supported in all of their strategy and marketing efforts…

Measurement & Effectiveness

Whether the goal of your campaign is lead generation, brand awareness, or social sharing, we have the right methodology that will drive your content marketing strategy to success and measure ROI in earned and paid media.

Brand strategy and communications

Whether it's repositioning your brand, reinforcing your message or simply bringing your story to life. We have a plan to inspire your branding process and motivate how consumers see, think, feel, do, or talk about your brand.

Research and Insights

Diving into complex data, we decode customer trends and behaviors, leveraging insights to drive your brand forward. Our research illuminates the path, enabling your brand to connect profoundly with your audience.

Bespoke brand partnership tools

Using consumer-generated data we are able to tailor your brand story to match brands with similar archetypes. This means that we can understand why your brand engages your audience and build more meaningful relationships using the most suitable content.

Analytics discovery

Analytics discovery is our rational, scientific, disciplined approach to developing new products, ideas and business solutions using a broad range of tools and data sources.

Influencer & Creators Marketing

With our proprietary tools, we collaborate with influencers and creators to build campaigns that truly connect with your audience. Our unique approach cultivates authentic relationships and boosts brand loyalty.

Data & Technology Partners


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